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Waterford crystal bowl

Waterford crystal oval bowl | antique and vintage models with price list

Crystal sales have grown dramatically in recent years. The reason for this can be the high quality and variety of these products in the Iranian market. The beauty and brilliance of these dishes and the increased use of these products in the kitchens and restaurants have caused a great deal of demand for these products, and the crystal market in the world and in our country is also profitable.One of these dishes is waterford crystal oval bowl.This dish is very much considered in the world because of its beauty.When you visit the Crystal Market you should keep in mind that some of the models are fake. The quality of these products is low but sold at high prices. You can use the following methods to diagnose the original crystal: The original crystal should not have an opaque color.Fake products have bubbles on their bodies.The inside of the crystal should not have a wave.The original crystal weight is much heavier than its fake types.Usually the product information is carved in the bottom of the original crystal containers.

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