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crystal pedestal vase Manufacturing Process

In this article we are going to talk about crystal pedestal vase. Most of us today use crystal containers like crystal pots to decorate different places, such as our homes, but we do not know how. Here we want to understand the process of making it. Join us to find out more about crystal pedestal vase, gold pedestal vase bulk and cheap pedestal vases.

crystal pedestal vase Manufacturing Process

crystal pedestal vase Manufacturing Steps

crystal pedestal vase Manufacturing StepsNext, we are going to talk about the production process of crystal pedestal vase. First we need to talk about the properties of crystal glass  and then let’s talk about the manufacturing process. It should be noted that glass with more than 5% by weight of lead oxide is called crystal glass. However, crystal glass containing 2% to 5% by weight of lead oxide. Another major component is SiO2 crystal glass. Sodium oxide and potassium oxide are also used in the combination of crystal glass. The presence of lead in the crystal glass increases the refractive index of these types of glass and, as a result, the crystal glass has a high luminosity. And there are also lightweight crystal containers, so decorative containers are called crystal containers and have these properties. Since elemental lead is high in atomic mass, the density of glass containing lead is higher than that of other types of glass. The crystal glass also has a low elastic modulus, resulting in a buzzing sound.
Regarding the process of making crystal pots and crystal glass in general, we can say that crystal glass has been combined with lead oxide. A significant amount of this material is evaporated in the process of producing crystal glass, which can have adverse effects on the environment, so use of this oxide is prohibited in some countries and manufacturers are testing other materials such as barium or zinc oxide. Crystal replacement is not finished here, but we can make the crystals in other ways and with the other materials we will mention here. These methods are:

  • Production of large crystals and copper sulfate crystals
  • Crystal with alum
  • Making crystals with salt

In order to produce copper sulfate crystals, you first need to pour 2 ml of hot water into a container. Then pour 5 tablespoons of copper sulfate into the water and dissolve completely. Keep the solution for a few days to form small crystals beneath the container. Blue crystals are visible in the bottom of the container after 5 days. Empty the solution completely and pour the deposited material on the bottom of the container into the other container. Separate the largest crystal with a smooth surface by separating the attached crystals. Remove the large crystals that you removed in the previous step with the yarn and place in solution. You need to use a filter to remove solid particles or impurities. Filter the solution once every 2 days. At this point, just wait until the crystals and copper sulfate crystals reach their desired size.

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