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Crystal Small Bowl Importers

Importers of crystal small bowls import high quality and affordable products from the producing countries. Large and small crystal bowls in different brands can be purchased from reputable dealers in bulk.

Crystal Small Bowl Importers

Best Crystal Small Bowl Imports

Best Crystal Small Bowl Imports small Crystal singing bowls have a very special charisma. The extremely long aftertaste and the space-filling and energetic tone are fascinating. It seems to float disembodiedly and spherically freely in the room and does not come directly from the bowl. 

The largest bowls can swing for several minutes. Due to the high design, they appear much larger than their diameter in cm suggests. crystal bowls unfold their greatest sound potential by rubbing with a special one Grater.

This position is always maintained in the circular motion. Rubbing allows the sound to slowly swell out of complete silence.  In addition to the musical use in sound and overtone concerts, crystal bowls are often found as an accessory in seminar or meditation rooms.

A bowl in the center of a room has a very harmonizing effect. Since the bowls on the floor do not vibrate, a candle can be easily placed – an atmospheric effect in a dark room. Crystal bowls are also becoming therapeutic.

The bowls are made of pure quartz glass of the highest purity (SIO2). Naturally grown rock crystal also consists of the same material, which is why the bowls are usually referred to as crystal singing bowls or rock crystal singing bowls.

Rock crystal has long been valued for its cleansing and harmonizing effects and has always been used for healing purposes.

Exporting Costs of Crystal bowls

Exporting Costs of Crystal bowlsExport costs of large crystal bowls are divided into three main groups:

  • Cost of Services: Includes loading, unloading, product testing, warehousing. Service costs must be considered in shipping a product and may be covered by the seller. Costs of duties: Includes customs duties, commercial interest, customs benefits
  • Fixed Cost of Exporting Each Product: Costs are said to exist in almost every product export and must be paid.
  • Fixed costs: Understanding international markets, trips abroad to the target country, communicating with different countries, translating and reviewing individual research in international markets and the target community. Needless to say, these costs may be overlooked in the calculations because of the costs that have to be spent.
  • Cost of Customer Order Changes: Customer may wish to make changes to their orders after their first order, which is certainly cost effective.

If the customer wants to have the goods delivered to him in his warehouse, the problem will be a bit complicated. In this case, in addition to what is being said, you will have to calculate several additional costs.

One of these is the cost of international shipping when it is shipped from the customs of the exporting country to the customs of the destination or importer. In this case, if the cargo is shipped by air, you should ask the international airline companies for information and costs.

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