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crystal small vase Manufacturing Process

If you would like to give a lovely gift to our dear mothers, we will present you the crystal small vase. This vase is actually a beautiful and eye-catching crystal that positively influences the decoration .It is interesting to know that on the body of the crystal vase are various hand-carved beautifully shaped forms of beautiful flowers.

crystal small vase Manufacturing Process

crystal vase Manufacturing Steps

If you want to change the decoration of your home, you can make the most of your new home with a beautiful new crystal pot that is your own art and use it for your home decor.

Step One: Equipment needed

1. Crystal dish

2. Acrylic paint

3. Glazed glaze

4. Colored or Puffy Magic Glue

5. Golden spray

6. Finisher Spray (Better to use gypsum or white spray)

7. Brush

You might think you can’t make these pots by looking at this list. But replace almost all items on this list with similar items. However, these sprays are easily and cheaply found in any paint shop.

Cover with a golden spray in the glass. Place the glass on a flat surface and cover the body with white. Instead of color you can use primer to make the pot surface more beautiful. Draw the design with the colored or puffy glue on the pot. Like the image of a part of the container, leave it simple and simple. Mix the acrylic paint that you have chosen for the pot with the glass glaze (optional). This glaze will make the acrylic paint shine and bright. If you haven’t found the glaze, add nail polish to your paint. Now brush with this paint on the pot and wait for it to dry.

crystal glassware Factories

crystal glassware Factories

The Crystal Factory of Iran started operating and producing this type of glass earlier in the year 1995. The production capacity of the company is  tons 60 or 8000 million units per year and can produce bottles with a volume of cc600. The company is in the best economic position and offers its products to all parts of the country by land.  The company with its experienced  specialists, advanced and modern machinery, quality control and automatic packing machines is able to provide our customers with very good quality and in line with international standards in pallet packing and shearing. Give. Crystal Iran Company is ready to accept orders from the pharmaceutical and food factories of the country and is always trying to assist them in their mission.

The issue of production and service in today’s world is a major issue that no society sees as excluding itself. Different communities are each involved with the issue of providing services and products for their survival and their endeavor is to provide the services and products to the best of their abilities and conditions, and to control their quality since man began to produce them.

The precision, finesse, and artistry of the ancient artifacts illustrate this effort. With the advancement of science, methods were developed for quality control, and statistics and probability science were effectively applied in the field in the decade 1920, and statistical quality control was established. The use of quality control alerts the manufacturer to sudden or minor changes in product quality and enables the implementation of remedial measures and prevents the production of defective items and imposes heavy costs. also You can find a lot of information on cheap crystal vases and crystal vase waterford mode through different websites.

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