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Cut glass crystal glassware Importing Countries

cut glass crystal glassware is a type of glass that is very transparent and produced in such a way that no impurities are used in its compounds. Of course, glass is a transparent material in itself, but glass is also transparent and graded. Crystal or ultraviolet glass transparency is higher than that of ordinary glass As a result, crystal glass is by far more transparent and single-handed than ordinary glass. 

Cut glass crystal glassware Importing Countries

Cut glass crystal glassware Types in the World

Cut glass crystal glassware Types in the World

Types of crystal glass and their application:

Crystal glass is used in many different forms. In making decorative accessories such as flowers, tablecloths etc. in making laboratory or kitchen utensils such as glasses, bottles, etc. and finally in making flat crystal glass which comes in two types of simple and glazed and has various uses that are mainly applied to The title is the door and the window in construction work in various shapes, including transparent, semi-transparent and colored glass, heat-absorbing, safe, double-walled, secured, and so on. It is also used in mirrors, broken industries, refrigeration industries, crystal glass tables, all types of desktop crystal glass and building blades.

Cut glass crystal glassware Importing Countries

Cut glass crystal glassware Importing Countries

Crystal Glass Company of Iran is the best company with long history and experience in importing all kinds of color glass, crystal and glass representative of Italy. Iranian Crystal Glass Company products come in 52 different colors and are offered in 3 groups: Lacobel, Talc and Melox.

It is worth mentioning that the company has been a permanent and active member of the Iran-Belgium Chamber of Commerce since its inception and has a close and continuous relationship with Belgium for close cooperation and receiving accurate and up-to-date information on the import of glass and mirrors.

Crystal Glass Companies in Iran aims to provide a better service to its customers by enhancing its bilateral cooperation with Belgium, in which we can ensure customer satisfaction and satisfaction.

Iranian crystal is competitive with European counterparts

Today, Iran is definitely in the second place in the production of crystal containers of the world, if it does not have the first place, and in the Middle East it is ranked first in terms of volume and quality and variety of designs and colors.

The cradle of the crystal industry, of course, is Europe, and it was first developed in England. It then traveled to Eastern European countries, including the former Czechoslovakia. Crystal is actually a beautiful part of glass, which is why it differs from ordinary glass. Currently, the crystal industry has a working capacity of more than 5 people, but half of it is in direct employment. Of the total Crystal market products, 2% is domestically produced and 5% is owned by foreign brands.

According to the Voice and Sima News Agency, the use of crystal containers and decorations as a luxury item has always been common among Iranians over the past decade, not only because of the changing tastes and culture of consumption, as well as the varied production of consumer goods in the industry. As a luxury item, but also as a part of utensils and consumables, it is widespread among Iranian families.

Although the cradle of industrial crystal was Europe, and until about a decade ago the country’s crystal market was wholly owned by the European producer countries, with increasing consumer demand as well as domestic capacity to produce these products, the crystal industry started a manufacturing company to Seriously formed in the country and in the last few years has become one of the main competitors of the industry owners in the world. However, for a variety of reasons ranging from mismanagement and purchasing culture to the numerous problems facing the country’s industry, such as this one, it has not yet been able to utilize its full production capacity to meet the country’s economic objectives. also You can search through various websites to find information about crystal glassware identification and vintage cut crystal glasses.

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