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Etched glass plates Price List for Traders

The etched glass plates  is 30 cm in diameter suitable for catering. This handmade glass plates Iranian is of good quality and solidity and has a beautiful and unique design. You can also use this beautiful and eye-catching plate as an ornamental dish and place it in the reception or kitchen buffet. For this purpose, you can use the plates for stand support or rest it in a fixed position.

Etched glass plates Price List for Traders

All Etched glass plates Varieties for Trades

All Etched glass plates Varieties for Trades

In fact, glass production on this border has been around for thousands of years, and has had activity in various parts of the world. And … It is followed that a considerable part of these products are of very high quality and are exported to destination countries. The glass production units in the country are very numerous and these centers have very high technology. Considering the close relationship of this industry with the raw materials needed for glass production and the high enrichment of silica and carbonate mines, we are seeing significant progress in this area (the glass industry). According to existing reports, about $ 200 million of glass produced in Iran is exported annually to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Iraq, the Persian Gulf and some European countries.

Iran’s self-sufficiency in supplying glass is an example of industrial and manufacturing success, and given the 70 percent need for pre-revolutionary imports, this fact will be clearly demonstrated. also You can find information on antique etched glass plates and pink etched glass plates sites through various websites.

Etched glass plates Price List for Trading

Etched glass plates Price List for Trading

If you have ever bought a catering glass plates Price, you know that the variety of products available in the market and the characteristics of each will make it difficult and difficult for you to choose and buy.

glass plates Price: These are that are heated in the oven and then glazed over, have a traditional appearance, are thick and heavy, have little strength, should not be immersed in water, can be washed in a dishwasher. .

glass plates Dining Room: They are more durable than because they have a glassy material added to the clay. Highly functional and with no stiff maintenance, they fit in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven, causing severe temperature changes to create gaps on their bodies.

Chinese glass plates: These dishes are delicate, beautiful and eye-catching, they have impermeable surfaces, are usable in the microwave and oven, easily washed with a dishwasher.

glass plates: A matte and sometimes transparent glass body, good durability, washable in the dishwasher, used in the microwave. Due to their durability , they are suitable for baby food, leisure and excursions.

Important points when choosing and buying a catering service .The  size of the dishes will be tailored to your cabinet, shelf and dishwasher.Provide services that can add and replace pieces.

Prioritize buying classic and classic dishes that can be set with colorful bowls and glasses.Buy a service that can host a relatively large party.If you want to have a lot of time on the dishes, spend a little more for excellent, first class service.

So far, we’ve learned a few tips on choosing and buying the right dining service. Below is a list of 25 cheap, quality and popular dining services in the Iranian market. All these dishes are of high quality and reasonable price. Remember to click on the image or button below each item to get more images and information about the service.

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