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glass dessert bowls| Bestselling crystal dish for export

 glass dessert bowls is one of the kinds for glass dishes that people who like to make desserts need them, glass dessert bowls have different kinds such as, mini dessert bowls, small glass bowls, cut glass dessert bowls, mini glass dessert cups, vintage glass dessert bowls also some persons like to use glass dessert plates for their desserts, selling your product online is one of  the way for Bestselling crystal dish for export.

glass dessert bowls| Bestselling crystal dish for export

What are the cut glass dishes?

What are the cut glass dishes?The start of  glass industry goes back to the 12th century, from the time glass bottles that were used and to this day glass is made and manufactured in various forms and reaches people tend.

cut glass dishes are  popular nowadays than ever, and many people use them at festivals and parties, And even many people find it fun to give them as a gift  so they give gift them to people at various celebrations.

 Typical cut glass dishes used in everyday life consists mainly of silica, calcium carbonate (or lime), and sodium carbonate and coke, sometimes feldspar and dolomite are also used.
So it’s not bad to know exactly what a cut glass dishes is? 

cut glass dishes refer to the material in which that are glasses and these glasses use for making cuts out of them, these cuts are beautiful and different which make unique style out of these glasses.
their weights are not that much compare to other types of glasses and because of this people can use them in different situations such as parties or ceremonies. 

These dishes usually have beautiful cuts on them that give them extraordinary designs that different people can love them.
Imagine you are back home from a tiring day at work, Eating in these dishes that has a beautiful and lovely design will surely make you feel good and relieve your tiredness.
 You can also use these dishes at small and large parties to make your guests  and yourself happy.

How big are standard desset bowls?

How big are standard desset bowls? Today, human beings are increasingly involved in decorating, beautiful and clean appliances, different types of home appliances and so on.
 Due to the great variety of products available, different appliances are manufactured and provided for customers, So every part of the house gets its own unique colors and designs and brings a lot of beauty to the homes.

 Most likely you have encountered different types of bowls during your shopping for kitchenware or at various parties and gatherings and find that each bowl has a particular use.
 For example, a bowl with a special size and a design for salad is use, but a smaller size bowl is use for dessert and ice cream (which you can call them ice cream bowls)  Or a special sized bowl at a party is used for fruit cuts and catering to guests, and various of them  on the markets have their  own function.

 Salad bowls are available in sizes from 10 to 23 cm for different types of salads, while dessert bowls are use at 15 to 18 cm in size for desserts. 

Why it is not good to use crystal dishes for serving desserts?

Why it is not good to use crystal dishes for serving desserts? Today fewer people can claim to be unfamiliar with crystals and dishes, as these types of products are available in many catering stores and in addition at many parties that use with friends and acquaintances.
 Crystal dishes are always known for their eye catching appearance, These containers have unique designs that give them a three dimensional structure that breaks down light and gives them a unique glow.

 Crystal dishes have been widely used in the past, but there are now numerous questions about their possible dangers, and many families do not accept the risk of using such dishes.

 The common crystal found on the market today is actually a glass that replaces lime or calcium during its production process.
This addition of lead adds unique features to ordinary glass and converts it into crystal, One of these features is the orderly molecular structure that derives from the presence of lead in the crystal.

 In other words, unlike ordinary glass, the molecules in the crystal have a regular, and therefore reflect light with a certain effect.
 In addition, as lead crystals leave the furnace they retain their flexibility for a longer time and allow artists to apply unique designs and cuts to their bodies.

Now the question is, are lead crystals dangerous for our health?
There is much debate today about the penetration of lead into food served in crystalline containers, and many experts believe that the amount of lead that is transferred to liquids and feed stuffs depends on how long they have been in contact with the crystal body of the containers.
So the more you let the nutrients (especially the hot liquids) stay in the crystal glass pitcher, the more they can be dangerous.

 Studies, on the other hand, show that even the smallest amounts of lead are harmful for human health, As a result, the liquids and feed stuffs inside the crystal containers are somewhat hazardous.

Modern designs & colors for dessert bowls?

Modern designs & colors for dessert bowls? One way to upscale dining tables is to use plates and a variety of bowls and dishes.
 For example, using simple, unobtrusive and harmonious containers can also add to your table’s simplicity.
Or, rather, the dishes we use to serve are about the same size and shape so that the order of the table layout does not interfere.

 Currently, the glass industry mainly operates in five main branches:

  • Construction
  • Food industry
  • Providing home appliances
  • Automotive Industries
  • Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Industries

 As mentioned above, one of its uses is to manufacture and use glass for home glass, Glass is used to produce pitchers, mugs, plates, dishes, salad bowls, dessert bowls, trays, fruit bowls, and so on.

 If you’re interested in pastries and desserts, just head to the home appliance store you will see a variety of dessert bowls in different colors and designs, colorful glass desserts, fancy desserts, flowers and more.
They are available in the market, and anyone who fits their taste can buy the model they like and use it at festivals and events.

Bestselling glass dessert bowls desgins & patterns

Bestselling glass dessert bowls desgins & patterns  In kitchen decoration you have to have all the necessary things to make it  beautiful and without any defects in home decoration, All the small and large appliances in the kitchen decoration are needed.
 You may think that bowls  are a common use in most homes and that you will always need to have all the necessary items on the table in order to have a proper dining table as well as other utensils, They are necessary and beautiful, so be sure to buy them.

 Like other containers, cups have different uses in the home that vary with the needs of the individual, Cups are made in different models and genres depending on your needs.
 Cups Have Different types such as glass, Ceramic and etc, To be able to choose the best cup, you need to have other containers in Decorate Your Home Keep in mind that dining utensils should always be in harmony, so use ceramic bowls if your dish is ceramic.

 To serve yogurt, desserts and salads you will need a variety of bowls, bowls of different types and designs, each has a specific application.
 Authentic brands that produce glass containers offer you glass containers in different designs and colors for purchase.

How to wash glass dessert bowls?

How to wash glass dessert bowls? When washing dishes, it is recommended to soak them in the sink with hot water to soften the remainder of the dish and to wash it with water, and detergents, although we think that when we clean the kitchen, the kitchen will be out of bacteria but it will not.
Incorrect use of soap and dish washing liquid is a common mistake in washing the glass dessert bowls,  Using excessive dish washing liquid may stick to the dishes and be combined with food.

 Soak all the kitchen utensils in hot water, as this will make the oil easier to clean and the dishes will dry faster,  You can also soak them in a sink and then wash and rinse them, so it is important to close the faucet when washing each plate individually.
You can use a small bowl of water to wash each plate. This way you don’t waste  lots of water.

  If your glass containers are greasy and hand washing, just fill the sink with water, add half a cup of regular baking soda and place the dishes in it, You will see that it removes fat mass completely.

remember  hands can be a source of contamination by bacteria and viruses, then Before washing dishes or putting them in the dishwasher, it is important to wash your hands with soap and warm water.

 It is important to consider all the above to prevent germs from transmitting diseases, In addition to taking care of your health and that of your family, clean all the dishes, especially the glass ones, and make them look brand new.

Purchase Dessert Bowls & Bowl Sets Online

Purchase Dessert Bowls & Bowl Sets Online One of the ways to make money in the 21st century is to sell your products and services online.
 The clever manufacturer knows this and try to use this to sell own products, the producer is using the methods of buying and selling online to get customers from all over the world and sell own goods to them.

One way to sell your products online is to sell them through the brand’s official website.
They can sell all of their products according to the latest products. They can also ask influencers, celebrities, etc to advertise their products to increase their sales.

Internet groups such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc are other ways of selling online, not only can the manufacturer can sell their products, but they can also use those apps for advertising.

It can also put a discount code on its products and sell them at certain times, such as Christmas, at a lower price.

Different ways for buying glass dishes in bulk at low price

Different ways for buying glass dishes in bulk at low price  Glassware is one of those items that are usually found in any home, no matter what period of life you are in, no matter what job you have, there are glassware in every home anyway.
 Manufacturers, considering this fact that they will have customers from every home, and decide to produce a variety of lovely goods to keep their old customers and attract new customers.

Re sellers are telling to their buyers that we sell our products at a cheaper price, from this amount of money to that amount of money, that those goods have  high quality in themselves.
 and their shoppers will buy from them the products they need and inform their brands to their friends and family to visit these stores and dealers on a specified date and buy some of their products for themselves as well.
 actually we can say when producers are making good quality products and selling them at lower price to their buyers, their customers kinda be an advertising role for them.

 Another option is to buy directly from the manufacturer, you can go to the factory and buy the products you want at a cheaper price.
 Of course, this method is not as good as to the previous method, if the manufacturer you want to buy is in another country or city, it will be difficult to access them or Going those places for just buying a glass plate does not seem like a viable option unless you buy the goods in large quantities.

Latest price list for glass dessert bowls

Latest price list for glass dessert bowls Bowls, plates, cups, pitchers, etc are available in a variety of types, and it is up to you to tailor and customize your model depending on your budget and design. Each kitchen appliance, for example a dessert bowl, is made of a particular type, for example the materials used in making a ceramic dessert bowl are definitely different from its plastic or glass model.

 Because of this, any type of material used in making appliances will be priced differently, so try to buy the dessert bowl you need according to your budget.
 The next issue is before you go to the dealers you want to buy from is asking them to provide you with a price list of the latest products.

The dealerships of each brand are the most reputable people you can buy from, By knowing the shopping list you know exactly how much you will need to buy a dessert bowl.

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