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Good quality glass flower vase types

Home decoration and work environment are one of the most important concerns of good people. Choosing the right vase can have a huge impact on the beauty of your surroundings. Glass vases give a special effect to home decoration. You can use glass pots to make the terrarium and design a small glass garden in your home and enjoy the beauty of it.So go ahead with us on glass flower vases, decorative vases and cheap glass vases for centerpieces.

Good quality glass flower vase types

Good quality glass flower vase types list

Good quality glass flower vase types listIf you choose the right pot. You can make an eye-catching artwork with a few flowers and even small blossoms. In this post, we introduce to you the types of glass vases that are suitable for most flowers. It is best to have them at home. Join us to buy the best flower pots.

 Cylindrical and vertical pots :

 Choose for tall and stamen flowers like super premium rose flowers, slim pots. Put tall flowers like sunflowers, roses and lilies in these pots to show off the beauty of their stems and the length of their stems. And it looks beautiful. You can even use them in home decoration even on the ground.

Sandbox :

 This type of pot, as its name implies, resembles a sand clock. It means wide at the bottom, slim at the body and open at the head.

 This pot is great for large, short-stemmed flowers, such as cloves, roses and tulips. The intricate and intricate appearance of this pot will multiply the beauty of your flowers.

Round pot :

 The round pot is almost like a tight fish ،Choosing a round flower pot is not suitable for every flower. But if you put in a solid flower bouquet with flowers like tulips, roses and so on, it will be beautiful. You need to shorten the flower stem to the height of the pot to stand well inside the pot. Arrange the flowers a little to suit your dome or fungus.

 Otherwise in this pot the flowers look sloppy! The key to using a round pot is short, sturdy stems arranged in order.

Good quality glass flower vase Sizes

Good quality glass flower vase Sizes	The first thing to notice is the size of the pot.The general rule is that the flower stalk should not exceed one and a half or two times the height of the pot.The next case is the pot span, if the span is too large, it disrupts the composition of the bunch and may not be a good support for the stems. If it is too tight and small, it may push the stems and may damage them. Always try not to shoot too many flowers from the edge of the pot to make the pot and flowers look more beautiful. If the flower stalk is taller than the pot, cut the flower stalk with a sharp 2% angle.

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