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Vintage etched glass bowl Exports in 2020

Nowadays vintage etched glass bowl is widely used in decorating the house in traditional Iranian style and has long been a favorite of Iranian families. Most of these containers have a unique design that will unconsciously capture the attention of each viewer. Perhaps this is because the real crystal has a prismatic state that, when placed next to the light, has a rainbow and reflects the light beautifully. 

Vintage etched glass bowl Exports in 2020

Best Vintage etched glass bowl Exporters

Best Vintage etched glass bowl Exporters	Crystal Czech has more than 2% lead oxide. All the edges created on the Czech crystal are hand made and no machine is involved. One of the most popular catering dishes are crystal services. As for the crystal dishes, they are among the utensils used for both catering and decoration. Most of these containers have a beautiful design that makes them unconsciously attract the attention of every viewer. This is probably because the real crystal has a prismatic state and when it is placed next to the light it receives a rainbow that reflects the light beautifully. Also, these dishes have a high transparency and elegance that make it beautiful and eye-catching. gold footed bowl are manufactured by various countries such as Czech, Iran and China. The best quality is the Czech products and after the Iranian products.

Vintage etched glass bowl Exports Statistics

Vintage etched glass bowl Exports Statisticsglass pedestal bowl with lid have always been guest houses for antiques. A look at the statistics tables shows that the production of crystal containers has increased compared to the same period last year and exports of this sector have also increased.Experts from the WTO show that the advantage of raw materials and available energy has made the country’s crystal industry well positioned among domestic and foreign customers. Our country’s manufacturers have also been able to market their products in line with world-class standards, with a world-class technology quality.

Germany, France, Turkey and the Czech Republic accounted for 15.4% of total exports; the top five new crystal importing countries were the United States, Germany, Vietnam, England, Italy. According to reliable news agencies, China, Iran and Germany are the three leading countries in the field of crystal glassware production, with Iran producing about 50,000 tonnes annually, with one-fifth of it exporting to export markets.

Benefits of crystal dishes:

– The highest quality materials are used in the manufacture and production of these containers, and only skilled craftsmen and craftsmen can make the crystal.

– Because these containers are handmade so they are great value and if you decide one day you can sell them for the price of the day. 

– If you have good lighting on the crystal dishes, the beauty of these dishes will multiply and make your home decoration very bright. 

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