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Waterford crystal oval bowl | antique and vintage models with price list

Crystal sales have grown dramatically in recent years. The reason for this can be the high quality and variety of these products in the Iranian market. The beauty and brilliance of these dishes and the increased use of these products in the kitchens and restaurants have caused a great deal of demand for these products, and the crystal market in the world and in our country is also profitable.One of these dishes is waterford crystal oval bowl.This dish is very much considered in the world because of its beauty.

When you visit the Crystal Market you should keep in mind that some of the models are fake. The quality of these products is low but sold at high prices.

You can use the following methods to diagnose the original crystal:

  •  The original crystal should not have an opaque color.
  • Fake products have bubbles on their bodies.
  • The inside of the crystal should not have a wave.
  • The original crystal weight is much heavier than its fake types.
  • Usually the product information is carved in the bottom of the original crystal containers.

Waterford crystal oval bowl| antique and vintage models with price list

5 thing you must check before buying a waterford crystal bowl

5 thing you must check before buying a waterford crystal bowlWhat are the some thing you must check before buying a waterford crystal bowl?

  • Utilizing the proper role and color in production
  • Produces fantasy and modern templates in crystals
  • Using simple and royal models
  • Use the best type of glaze in production
  • Has a standard and health badge
  • Reflection and Fracture of Suitable Light Against Sunlight
  • Produced in the right dimension
  • Fit between dimensions and weight of dishes

waterford crystal oval bowl; different sizes and patterns

waterford crystal oval bowl; different sizes and patterns waterford crystal oval bowl has different sizes and models. You can use these containers at any size.

waterford crystal oval bowl is sold in sizes of six and twelve.

Patterns used in the production of waterford crystals are diverse. The designs of the royal and simple as well as the design of the flowers, stars and the sun have become the popularity of these dishes.

Crystal products produced by prominent Iranian manufacturers in the global market also have many customers. In recent years, the industry has made a lot of progress. These products are of high quality and are packaged in order to be suitable for export. A large volume of Iran’s Crystal is exported to the following countries each year:

  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Azerbaijan

In addition to crystal products of Iranian factories, foreign samples also have their own fans in the Iranian market. The Netherlands and Czech are the first manufacturers of this kind of products in the world. In order to buy Czech and Dutch crystals and other imported crystal products, there are also sales centers for these products. You can buy through the Online store .

Waterford crystal history and backgound

Waterford crystal history and backgoundGiven the increasing production across the country as well as the import of the newest models of foreign crystals, the price of crystal in the market is also fluctuating, and the price difference may appear to be very high in some cases. Among those that can be The price of these products can be affected by the brand of the manufacturer, the raw materials used, the type and technology of manufacture, the country of manufacture and so on. Besides these factors, one should not ignore the originality or counterfeit of the product .

One of the main features of the original crystal is that the history and description of the production and its brand is carved under the container. If the product is original brand, its date has been stamped at the bottom .

waterford crystal oval bowl price list

waterford crystal oval bowl price listBecause Iran is one of the best crystal producing countries, the price of this product is not expensive in Iran. Each of waterford crystal oval bowl is sold in the markets of Iran for five to ten dollars.The Shush and Saleh abad markets in Tehran are the best crystal stores.You can help Iranian economy by buying Iranian crystals.

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